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Jul 07 2011

Attitudes and other concerns

By far one of the biggest differences I’ve encountered this summer is the attitudes of my 7th and 8th graders, compared to the mindsets of the kindergarten students I had been around for the past 9 months. I realize I’ve been spoiled by the eagerness of little minds who are at just the beginning of…

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Jun 22 2011

Facing the highs and lows together

It’s week two of summer school, and the days left to standards needing to be taught ratio weighs on me like the oversized shoulder bag of resources I carry to class each morning. I’ve said it before, but even after just a week the two dozen middle school students have already taught me so much…

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Jun 14 2011

First day

After a year of teaching kindergarten, the thought of standing in front of middle schoolers filled me with anxiety this morning. It was the first day of summer school for both these students and me. I was unsure if I would be able to communicate effectively or personably with students who stood taller than 4…

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